Charles Town, WV

If small-town America and the big city had a kid, that child would be Charles Town. Arguably one of the hippest small towns in West Virginia, Charles Town fuses the best of a small-town community with all the comforts of city living. With a population of over 5,000, Charles Town is named after Charles Washington, brother of the first president. It also is the home of seven Washington homes, built by Washington Families in the 1800s. With great public and private schools and a variety of historic and new houses with large backyards available, Charles Town and Ranson are affordable alternatives for people seeking quality and comfort for their family.

Charles Town is ideal for commuters. Ninety two percent of Charles Town households have at least one family member who commutes to the Washington, D.C. area or northern Virginia for work, thanks to convenient commuter train options and a strong freeway infrastructure.

Charles Town has a quaint downtown featuring local shops and restaurants, brew pubs, a weekly farmer’s market, and an organic produce market. The town also has familiar chain retailers, a casino and racetrack, and a hospital. The Charles Town economy also benefits from a robust tourist business because it is the location of the trial and execution of John Brown, the man who fired the first shot that started the Civil War in nearby Harpers Ferry.

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